Be a 2GO Agent



What do you get when you sign up to become a 2GO Partner? You get instant access to two of the biggest brands in the Philippines! Both 2GO brands have a nationwide footprint that makes it accessible and known to many of our beloved customers.


  1. 2GO Express is known for its long-standing, credible partnership with some of the biggest brands in the country. It offers logistics solutions, domestic and international deliveries.
  2. 2GO Travel remains to be a strong and preferred shipping line in the country offering best-in-class experience for travelers. It offers value-for-money transportation and operates

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Basic Operations

  • Basic Operations
  • counter staff
  • computer with minimum specifications
  • internet access (2mbps)
  • printer
  • communication equipment of at least one fixed telephone line
  • weighing scale
  • fire extinguisher
  • parking space
  • at least 20sq meters
  • cash bond of PhP 100,000 (refundable)
  • set up fee of PhP 50,000 to be used for initial:


  1. Signage
  2. Marketing collaterals
  3. Training - maximum of three personel in a year
  4. Uniforms - max of three in a year
  5. Supplies for shipments (awb, pouches, boxes, etc.)
  6. Soon to open and now open signages
  7. Flyers
  8. Marketing in billboards and other Advertising communications means of 2GO Express brand
  9. *tricycles, banners, jeepney banners



Agent Requirements

  • Letter of Intent
  • Business Permit
  • BIR / SEC Registration
  • DTI
  • Photo of the Agent Partner's Store Fa├žade & Counter Area
  • Filled-up Application Form (Download here)

Submit the documents to:

Put in the Subject: 2GO Agent Application


Our 2GO Regional Managers will contact you in two weeks after submission of requirements.