Be a 2GO Service Partner



What do you get when you sign up to become a 2GO Service Partner? You get instant access to two of the biggest brands in the Philippines!


Both 2GO brands have a nationwide footprint that makes it accessible and known to many of our beloved customers.


  1. 2GO Express is known for its long-standing, credible partnership with some of the biggest brands in the country. It offers logistics solutions, domestic and international deliveries.
  2. 2GO Travel remains to be a strong and preferred shipping line in the country offering best-in-class experience for travelers. It offers value-for-money transportation and operates.

Sign up now and be our 2GO Service Partner today!





Basic Operations

  • Basic Operations
  • counter staff
  • computer with minimum specifications
  • internet access (2mbps)
  • printer
  • communication equipment of at least one fixed telephone line
  • weighing scale
  • fire extinguisher
  • parking space
  • at least 20sq meters


Support from 2GO:

  1. Marketing Collaterals
  2. Training - maximum of three personnel in a year
  3. Supplies for shipments (AWB, pouches, boxes, etc.)


Agent Requirements

  • Letter of Intent
  • Business Permit
  • BIR / SEC Registration
  • DTI
  • Photo of the Agent Partner's Store Fa├žade & Counter Area
  • Filled-up Application Form (Download here)

Submit the documents to: [email protected]

Put in the Subject: 2GO Service Partner Application


Our 2GO Regional Managers will contact you in two weeks after submission of requirements.